COVID-19 Update

UPDATE: August 7, 2020


As we enter phase 4 of Renew PEI, we are reminded that although restrictions are being lifted, there are still guidelines put in place to protect us, our front-line workers, and our community. The following are updated policies that will come into effect at Rooney Funeral Home. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the funeral home at any time.

At the funeral home:


  1. Limit the number of family members making arrangements to no more than 15 persons;
  2. Restrict visitation to the immediate household and up to 50 persons from other households (not counting funeral home staff);
  3. Refrain from in-person signing of the guest book and taking memorials/donations. Instead, use online mechanisms for people to offer condolences and give memorials/donations;
  4. Funeral and/or memorial services can occur with up to 100 people. Physical distancing must be followed.
  5. Cancel and abstain from hosting all public visitation and receptions;
  6. Set up your space to accommodate appropriate physical distancing of at least 2-meters or 6 feet from all individuals, at all times;
  7. Do not permit shaking hands, hugging, etc.;
  8. Encourage hand washing by making available alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with a minimum of 60% alcohol content) or access to washrooms that are always well stocked with liquid soap and paper towels;
  9. Have extra tissues on hand and a hands-free waste basket for disposal;
  10. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, table-tops, bathrooms and other surfaces; and
  11. Staff in Long-term Care facilities and Nursing Homes must refrain from creating receiving lines to honour the decedent.

*Based on the guidance, staggering visitation is permitted. Enhanced cleaning and physical distancing must be followed.

At burials and cemeteries:


  1. Limit gatherings to no more than 50 people (not counting funeral home staff);
  2. Do not permit shaking hands, hugging, etc.;
  3. Practice physical distancing of 2 metres/6 feet between individuals and/or households.

*Vehicles are permitted at the cemetery. Individuals should not exit their vehicle or gather as this may exceed the maximum outdoor gathering limit of no more than 50 persons. This practice is at the discretion of cemetery operators.

Thank you,

David K Smith

Funeral Director & Owner

At Rooney Funeral Home we understand, we care, and we consider it a privilege to serve you as you prepare to honor and celebrate your loved one.

Rooney Funeral Home is owned and operated by David Smith, a lifelong resident of Alberton, and was founded by the late E. Gerald Rooney in 1955.

For further comfort and reassurance you may reach David or one of his qualified support staff at:

Rooney Funeral Home

419 Main Street
Alberton, Prince Edward Island
Ph: 902-853-2811
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