COVID-19 Update


MARCH 18, 2020

As we all know, COVID-19 Virus has caused a huge disruption to our way of life, and funeral service is no exception. We also know how important rituals, including visitations, funeral services, and other forms of memorialization are to us, but we do need to help prevent the spread of this illness in our communities.
I want to thank all those served by Rooney Funeral Home, who have so graciously agreed to forgo their wishes for the good of all, and follow the provincial directives given to us. We have had to cancel planned visitations and funeral services and all have been most co-operative. Thank you!

Our Chief Public Health officer, Dr. Heather Morrison, along with the members of the Prince Edward Island Funeral Services and Professions posted the following directives for us for the good of all Islanders.

The orders are as follows:
1. Limit the number of family members making visitation/funeral/memorial arrangements to no more than four persons.
2. Restrict visiting hours to immediate family members and limit to 5 persons (and continue to practice social distancing and hygiene safety).
3. Delay or postpone in-person funeral and/or memorial services to avoid mass gatherings and ensure social distancing.
4. Refrain from in-person signing of the guest book and taking memorials/donations. Instead use online mechanisms for people to offer condolences and/or give memorial/donations.
5. Cancel and abstain from hosting all public receptions.
6. Staff in long-term care facilities and nursing homes should refrain from creating receiving lines to honour the decedent.
7. In all circumstances, increase interpersonal and social distancing (ideally separation of 2-meters (approximately 6 feet), no shaking hands, hugging, etc.).

Social distancing measures are approaches taken to minimize close contact with others in the community, and include quarantine and self-isolation at the individual level, as well as other community based approaches (eg. avoiding crowding, workplace measures and closures, public/mass gathering cancellations). We have all been asked to practice social distancing.

Any updates will be posted here going forward.

Thank you

David K. Smith


At Rooney Funeral Home we understand, we care, and we consider it a privilege to serve you as you prepare to honor and celebrate your loved one.

Rooney Funeral Home is owned and operated by David Smith, a lifelong resident of Alberton, and was founded by the late E. Gerald Rooney in 1955.

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